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April 8, 2008

Canam Group celebrates its 10th anniversary in Romania

On March 26, Canam Group marked its 10th anniversary in Romania with a celebration at the Discover Club in Brasov. Over 370 employees from Technyx and Canam Steel Romania, as well as some two dozen special guests, attended the event.

During the evening, the management team presented a brief history of the company’s growth in Romania and a number of internal and external customers gave video testimonials praising the Technyx team. A special tribute was also paid to employees who have been with the company since its inception in 1998.

Pictured above with several special guests are the employees with 10 years of service who were honored during the evening: In the usual order:

  • Éric Lévesque, Vice President of External Outsourcing Services, Technyx
  • Jean Thibodeau, President, Technyx
  • Marc Dutil, President and Chief Operating Officer, Canam Group
  • Paul Pana, Structural Steel Estimator, Technyx
  • Marius Ungureanu, Training Manager, Technyx
  • Radu Mandea, Outsourcing Team Manager, Technyx
  • Daniela Radu, Training Manager, Technyx
  • Christinel Vasile, Structural Steel Team Manager, Technyx
  • Daniela Aldea, Human Resources Manager, Technyx
  • Gabriel Editoiu, Team Manager, Murox
  • Liette Litalien, Technical Manager, Murox
  • Marcel Dutil, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Canam Group
  • Christian Hébert, Quality Control Manager, Canam Group
  • Daniala Dragoman, Detailer (absent)

The Brasov office (Technyx and Canam Steel Romania) now counts 400 employees, a number that is expected to grow in 2008.

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