Orthotropic Steel Deck

Orthotropic Steel Deck: for Accelerated Bridge Construction

Rapid Installation

  • Field assembly time cut due to long, prefabricated panels (composite or non-composite use)
  • Excellent solution if repairs are to be undertaken on heavy-traffic sections at night so that they can be open to traffic after installation
  • Comprehensive solution, including connections for safety barrier systems

Limited Traffic Disruption
  • Shop-applied wearing surface to reduce field work
  • Limited disruption of traffic following deck installation since field work is limited to a few finishing touches

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Ultralight and Flexible Concept

  • System that is up to 66% lighter than its conventional concrete counterpart
  • Ideal for increasing the capacity of existing bridges and raising payload limitations without having to replace or modify the main girders, piers or abutments
  • Optimal product for use on multiple longitudinal girder bridges
  • Concept that can be easily adapted for bridges with only two main load-carrying members and that can even accommodate extensions to widen the deck

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